Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Church tonight at 7:00

A church is just a building for some people. A building where hypocritical people gather to check off their visit for the week. They go to say that they were there. They leave the same...unchallenged...bored...unmoved...and certainly untouched by the Presence of a Holy and Loving God. Church doesn't mean anything to a lot of people.

But to is so much more.
I can't imagine not wanting to go.

My church is so dear to me. It is the place where God is waiting to reign down upon us. Where He speaks through His Word. Where He challenges how I think, how I act, and convicts me of sin. A place where hugs abound from people who pray for you. An open altar to ask for help, repentance, and intercede for myself and so many others who are hurting. My church is an extension of my family. It is grace-filled and full of people who are at best pathetic without the life-changing power of Jesus Christ.

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